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It is made in the form factor of a coupe and is equipped with four motor wheels. Apparently, we are talking about the technology of the DeepDrive startup, in which BMW invested in 2023. It is not known whether this will be a production model or a show car. It is quite possible that the coupe will be the very “surprise” that BMW M prepared for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

It is still unclear what kind of car was caught during testing. But it is definitely a BMW, as indicated by the characteristic camouflage and the front end in the style of the Neue Klasse concepts. The absence of exhaust pipes indicates an electric powertrain, and not a regular one, but one with four motor wheels. All together, it looks very much like the “special surprise” that the BMW M division announced for the Monterey Car Week in August.

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The story with the hub motors may well be true, because in 2023, the BMW i Ventures venture fund took part in the investment round A of the German startup DeepDrive. The company is developing two-rotor drives that can be used as a central unit or built into the wheels. The technology is promised to be available by 2026, and three power options will be offered.

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Compact and mid-size models will have drives with a power output of 204 horsepower and 1,500 Nm, while mid-size and large models will have 218 horsepower and 1,800 Nm. Vehicles that focus on dynamics will benefit from wheel motors with a peak power of 340 horsepower and 2,400 Nm of torque. Each variant will be equipped with an integrated braking system. It was developed jointly with Continental and was awarded the Innovation of 2023 award.

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