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The compact BMW M2 coupe seems to exist in its own dimension, dedicated to true petrolheads and fans of the classics of the automotive world.

And intermediate updates to the BMW 2-Series coupe as a whole – such as the launch of a more modern operating system BMW OS 8.5 for the multimedia system, the appearance of a new M steering wheel and changes in the ventilation deflectors – cannot affect the overall essence of the BMW M2: it is still a small coupe with a big and a very powerful engine.

Moreover, with the update, this power has become even greater for the BMW M2. Now the petrol 3-liter 6-cylinder turbo engine produces 480 hp. versus 460 hp earlier, and the torque is 550 Nm (for the version with 6-speed manual transmission) or even increases to 600 Nm (for the version with 8-speed automatic transmission). In this case, the drive is exclusively to the rear wheels.

The increase in power has improved the dynamics: the exercise 0-100 km/h is given in 4.2 seconds (manual transmission) or even in 4 seconds exactly (automatic transmission). The maximum speed is 250 km/h, but if desired and by ordering an optional package, it can be increased to 285 km/h.

Inside the BMW M2, the driver is expected to be greeted with sports seats, red and black trim, the aforementioned M steering wheel and a new operating system for the multimedia unit.

But this is hardly so important in the case of the BMW M2, where the main role in the interior is played by the gearbox lever and the button for changing the voice of the sports exhaust system. There is no doubt that in the case of the BMW M2, what is important is not the list of updates, but the emotions that such a car gives.

Sales of the BMW M2 should begin in August. The price in Europe starts at about 76.5 thousand euros (7.3 million rubles) for the version with an automatic transmission and 80 thousand euros for the version with a manual transmission (7.6 million rubles).

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