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The premiere of the second-generation model took place 20 months ago, so it’s too early for restyling, but there are still enough improvements. The main innovation is the engine, boosted by 20 horsepower (up to 480 horsepower). The twin-turbo six develops 550 Nm on versions with manual transmission, and the version with an 8-speed automatic produces up to 600 Nm. The 0-100 acceleration time has been reduced by 0.1 seconds. The US price increased by $1,880.

The new BMW M2 debuted with manual transmission and rear-wheel drive

It’s not easy to recognize the modernized BMW M2 from the outside: black exhaust pipes are now included as standard, the color palette has been expanded, and silver wheels have been added. There are also no radical changes in the interior, but the media system is now version 8.5, which means the abandonment of hot keys. A new steering wheel with a rim truncated at the bottom has also been added.


Improvements to the 3.0-liter turbo engine are not limited to increasing efficiency. The torque shelf on versions with an automatic transmission has been expanded: previously, the peak 550 Nm was available in the range from 2650 to 5870 rpm, and now 600 Nm can be obtained in the range from 2650 to 6130 rpm. “Mechanics” remained in the configurator, although other BMW models are gradually abandoning this type of transmission.

BMW turns the M8 into a roadster with a unique design

In the US, the base 2025 BMW M2 costs $66,075, which means the coupe has risen in price by about three percent. Orders are already being accepted, and worldwide deliveries will begin in August. The usual BMW two-wheelers have also been modified, but the improvements have boiled down to expanding the color range, revising the equipment and adding the OS 8.5 media system.

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