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Frank van Meel promised Motor Trend journalists that the first Emka without a fuel analogue would “exceed everything you’ve ever seen.” The top manager made it clear that the M electric car will receive a four-motor power plant, an original battery with improved heat transfer and unique software. Peak output is expected to reach one megawatt (1,360 horsepower).

Although the Emok family already has electric cars, and sales are very successful, so far we are talking about “compromise” models with gasoline and diesel counterparts. “Pure” electric cars on the new BMW Neue Klasse platform are coming: this M-model will become the fastest and most powerful in the history of the brand.

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BMW’s head of development and research, Frank Weber, has already hinted that the peak output of an electric car could reach one megawatt (1,360 horsepower). But according to the boss of the M division, the traction vectoring system is more important: individual electric motors will change the rules of the game in terms of dynamics and controllability. At the same time, they will not add a tank turn to the Emkam.

Frank van Meel promised that BMW electric motors will “become the benchmark”, like the S58/S68 petrol turbo engines in the M3/M4 and M5. The Bavarians will also offer a special battery that will be able to provide constant power to the engines without overheating or deterioration of performance. However, you shouldn’t expect a monstrous “emka” before 2026.

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