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The Bavarian brand has published sales statistics for the second quarter of 2024, and the SUV flagship closed an important period in the red. Compared to the same period in 2023, the number of super crossovers sold in the United States fell by 29.5 percent to 537 units. Weak demand has cast doubt on the development of a successor to the BMW XM, but the current hybrid will likely remain in service for at least three years.

Although the BMW XM is less than two years old, the Bavarian brand is already offering significant discounts: Americans can save up to $17,500 when buying a hybrid. Given the current prices for the super crossover, the discount can be up to 10%. However, the faster BMW X5 M Competition is still significantly cheaper, so buyers can understand.

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Although the BMW XM lost almost a third of its customers by the end of the second quarter, the life cycle of the flagship with a controversial appearance will not be interrupted early. Insiders have no doubt that the model will remain on the assembly line until 2027. The first candidate for elimination is another: the BMW Z4 roadster. Compared to the first half of 2023, sales fell by 17.3% to 1,122 units, and according to rumors, production will cease in early 2026.

In the US, BMW XM crossovers are only available with a V8 engine, while BMW Z4 roadsters recently got a manual transmission. Perhaps the manual transmission option will be a sales catalyst, although this two-door car is not cheap: prices start at $71,125, which is an overpayment of $15,000 compared to the Toyota GR Supra with the same units.

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