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According to the Quto portal, the development of the modernized body will be carried out by specialists from the UAZ-Techinstrument company, which is a subsidiary of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. As part of the work, engineers will improve the quality of the frame and also improve the interface between the wind window and the A-pillar. For example, a new clamp will appear on the stamp for releasing the left side frame of an SUV.

Among other works, specialists will replace the working parts of the die for producing the Patriot’s front floor panel. According to representatives of the car plant, the modernization will lead to an improvement in the geometric parameters of the base of the SUV body. In addition, engineers will make changes to the stamp of the amplifier of the central pillar of the sidewall, which will expand the door adjustment ranges during assembly line assembly. The listed works will make the gaps on the car body more accurate.

In addition to the SUV, UAZ-Techinstrument specialists are working on modifying the die for manufacturing the “Loaf” roof panel. A new large exhaust element will take the place of the outdated plastic-concrete stamp.

In mid-February it became known that prisoners would produce parts for Lada and UAZ cars. Citizens who have committed crimes of light and moderate gravity will be allowed to work in the new correctional center.

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