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The BYD Yangwang U8 super SUV began to be sold in Russia for 32,000,000 rubles

The first copy of the BYD Yangwang U8 2024 super SUV has been sold in Russia. As reports, the car is distinguished not only by its characteristics, but also by its fabulous price. It is offered for 32 million rubles in one of the large dealer networks. For this amount you can purchase three Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 300 crossovers. Let us remind you that the debut of the model in China took place last year.

The hybrid frame SUV, which is one of the most expensive Chinese cars, is equipped with a 271-horsepower 2.0T and four electric motors producing 1,197 horsepower (1,290 Nm of torque). Due to the fact that each of the electric units can be controlled individually, the SUV is capable of performing complex maneuvers, for example, a “tank turn”. The range of such a car is more than 1000 km. Despite its large dimensions, acceleration to 100 km/h is completed in 3.6 seconds. The length of the car is 5.32 meters. The design of the new product was the responsibility of a specialist who had previously worked on Audi cars – Wolfgang Egger (photo: BYD).

Meanwhile, a frame pickup from Kia has been declassified. It will get honest all-wheel drive and will probably be known as the Tasman.

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