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The SUV received an original body, reinforced suspension, a steel front bumper and a wide range of protection systems combined into the Military package. It includes bulletproof glass, reinforced suspension, electromagnetic pulse protection and B6 grade composite armor. Rezvani Arsenal costs from 225 thousand dollars, which corresponds to 19.4 million rubles.

Rezvani Motors has converted a Cadillac Escalade into an Arsenal SUV starting at $225,000. With the Military package, it will have bulletproof glass and the most advanced composite armor found on civilian vehicles today. It is much lighter than steel, but is not inferior to it in terms of characteristics. The Arsenal’s level of protection meets the B6 standard, meaning the SUV can withstand fire from AK-47s and AR-15 assault rifles.

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Arsenal’s equipment list is no less impressive than its appearance or price. In addition to standard Escalade features such as ventilated seats, a 23-speaker audio system and a panoramic roof, there is a steel bumper with an optional winch, a reinforced suspension, a night vision system, stun guns, blinding lights, gas masks, a first aid kit for hypothermia and much more. other. All electrical equipment here is protected from power surges and electromagnetic pulses by the EMP system, the efficiency of which exceeds military standards.

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The SUV is offered with a choice of three engines. Base – V8 6.2 with 426 horsepower and 623 Nm of torque. For an extra charge there is a three-liter diesel engine with output of 281 power and 623 Nm of torque and a compressor V8 6.2, which develops about 700 horsepower. To pre-order Arsenal, you only need to make a deposit of $500, or 43.5 thousand rubles.

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