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Six years ago, patent images of an unknown Cadillac coupe appeared on the Internet. The company remained silent about the model until last weekend, when it showed off a prototype at the EyesOn Design show.

The mysterious model, presented as part of GM Design’s From the Vault series, is known as the Expressive Coupe. The coupe combines elements of the Escala concept with more modern design solutions found on the brand’s production models. The resulting car is something of beauty and one of the coolest things GM has created since the Buick Avista concept.

The company noted that “the coupe was created as an in-house exploration of Cadillac aesthetics that influenced contemporary models, including the CT5.” Unfortunately, the CT5 doesn’t look nearly as good as the coupe, which has a distinctive front fascia with thin headlights, muscular air intakes and a wide grille.

Moving further back, we can see the long hood leading into the graceful windshield and sloping roof. Next is the smooth silhouette of the body and the prominent shoulder line. We also see large wheels and a distinctive rear end.

The interior is fairly basic, but the coupe has leather seats with fancy seat belts and a rotary controller or shifter puck. The designers also gave the car metal speaker grilles and discreet wood trim.

Unfortunately, the concept never made it into production, and Cadillac abandoned the coupe altogether.

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