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Owner of the private passenger company “Baylyk No. 3” Ruslan Yusupov in a conversation with “Business-Online” voiced the problems of Neftekamsk buses with components from China. The interlocutor of the publication made it clear: the combination of a gas engine with a Fast Gear gearbox and Hande axles promises problems for carriers – the quality of assembly leaves much to be desired, buses break down and stand idle.

Ruslan Yusupov said that colleagues from Voronezh, Makhachkala and Rostov-on-Don have already encountered problems with the “anti-sanction” NefAZ buses. The Chinese gearbox is not synchronized with the engine, and the jolts during movement are so powerful that passengers fall out of the cabin. Such a setup also affects reliability: both transfer boxes and axles fail.

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The owner of the passenger enterprise recalled that the six-year-old NefAZs were equipped with German axles and ZF gearboxes, which have no problems even on runs of half a million kilometers. Ruslan Yusupov’s concern is explained by the fact that the Kazan bus fleet is scheduled to be updated in the fall, and the reliability of the new NefAZ models is an open question.

The KAMAZ press service stated that NefAZ buses running on gas motor fuel “have been successfully used in other cities for many years and do not cause any complaints with proper maintenance.” However, modifications with Chinese components have only recently entered production: such buses appeared on the automaker’s website only last year.

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