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The new product of the Deepal sub-brand attracted the attention of the Chinese: five-digit sales figures were achieved in less than three days! The secret of success is bargain prices. The basic Deepal G318 turned out to be 30% cheaper than expected: only 176 thousand yuan (24.2 thousand dollars). For the all-wheel drive Changan SUV in the maximum configuration you need to pay 230 thousand yuan (31.7 thousand dollars).

The low starting price is partly explained by the hardware: the base Deepal G318 only looks like an SUV. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter (150 horsepower, 220 Nm) gasoline generator, an electric motor (252 horsepower, 310 Nm) is located at the rear, and the drive is also only on the rear axle. Such a car consumes 6.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle, and without activating the internal combustion engine it can travel 77 kilometers (WLTC).

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On the other hand, even the basic G318 is capable of forcing a 600 mm ford, has a ground clearance of 210 mm, and approach/departure angles of 27/31 degrees, respectively. It is also a large car with a five-meter body, brutal design, five-link rear suspension and a solid interior.

All-wheel drive versions have a ground clearance of 240 millimeters when running, have a front electric motor, and the total output of the system is 430 horsepower and 572 Nm. This Deepal G318 is equipped with an adaptive air suspension, the range without activating the internal combustion engine increases to 174-184 kilometers, there are five off-road modes and an imitation of a rear differential lock.

The factory off-road version of the Deepal G318 stands out for 318 thousand yuan ($44 thousand). Just such a car has not yet been shown, because deliveries will be delayed until the beginning of 2025. The most hardcore Deepal G318 will be able to challenge the framed all-terrain vehicles Tank 400 and FCB Leopard 5, and the basic versions are already successfully competing with crossovers.

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