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They used original parts for the construction, and the whole homemade product cost them one and a half million rubles. At first, the head of the family named Imran bought a frame from a GAZ-66 truck, on the basis of which he planned to make an open buggy. However, during the construction process, the family decided to modify the design of the car, building an SUV. As a result, the enthusiasts managed to create a full-fledged car with doors from a GAZ-3110 Volga.

The idea to build an SUV came to the family while developing a buggy. According to the creators, the father was constantly cold, so the idea of ​​an open vehicle ultimately seemed dubious to them. As a result, the enthusiasts began to develop a full-fledged car.

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The family spent about one and a half million rubles to create the car. As a result, the “handymen” built their dream car. The only unit that the creators plan to replace later is the engine. The current GAZ-66 engine is too weak for an SUV. And more powerful engines are too expensive.

In June last year, a motorhome built on the basis of a ZIL-131 truck was sold in Russia. The homemade camper was then valued at three million rubles.

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