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The car in the title photo is not the creation of some crazy farmer from the American outback, but a real movie car. Although it doesn’t look the same as we are used to.

No, this is not one of those camera cars that carry a crane with an expensive camera for dynamic action shots. It’s for something else: it was used for interior filming in a car in the TV series Better Call Saul.

It is a combination of the front end of a cheap Suzuki Esteem car with the rear end of a Ford Windstar minivan. And the choice of these particular cars was not accidental.

The Suzuki Esteem in the series was the car driven by the main character. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the same one was needed for interior shooting. The yellow hood was also installed here for a reason: in the series the car is yellow.

But why did they cut the Suzuki in half and weld half of a minivan body onto it? This was necessary in order to accommodate the film crew there, along with cameras and lighting equipment: all this simply would not fit into the tiny Suzuki Esteem.

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