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The design of a completely new Chinese pickup Chery Carrier has been revealed on the Internet

Western media reported that the Chinese brand may soon present an unusual car. We are talking about a pickup truck, images of which have already appeared in the public domain. Chery Carrier 2025 is shown so far only in renderings that the designers of worked on. It is assumed that it will go on sale under this name.

Judging by the photos presented on the Internet, the pickup truck will receive a design in the corporate style. In particular, in the images it has a massive radiator grille, which is closely adjacent to the headlights with no less original graphics. The car has a fairly high seating position, which indicates excellent cross-country ability. Structurally, it is similar to other similar models. Inside the pickup truck there is a completely technological and modern environment (photo:

The Chery Carrier will initially be available only in Australia, but will later appear in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Its appearance in the United States is still in doubt. The pickup truck is expected to be equipped with an expanded package of comfort and safety options, including a wireless interface. As for the technical part, there is no information about this yet.

Meanwhile, the Internet showed how the Ferrari Purosangue was assembled. Many questions have arisen regarding the quality of the crossover.

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