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A trademark with a tick inscribed in an oval, reminiscent of the emblem of Japanese Mazda, appeared on May 21 in the database of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). This is the sign of Fownix, a brand under which refaced Chery models for the local market are produced in Iran under license. Perhaps the registration of a trademark foreshadows the launch of another brand of the Chinese auto giant in Russia.

Under the Fownix brand, the Omoda C5 crossover, popular among Russians, is produced in sanctioned Iran, selling it under the symbol FX. The Iranians have also mastered the production of the Arrizo 6 Pro sedan, Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro Max and Tiggo 9 Pro Max crossovers. The changes come down to changing the badge.

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It is not yet known whether Chery is preparing to replace any of the brands present in Russia with Fownix, and whether it will launch it at all. Now the auto giant sells cars on the Russian market under six brands – Chery, Omoda, Exeed and Jaecoo, as well as the youth Jetour, which is positioned separately, and Exlantix, affiliated with Exeed.

Chery has patented the logo of a new brand in Russia: what does the puma have to do with it? The price of the Xcite X-Cross 7 crossover has been revealed. The Russian Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max has acquired a 1.6 engine and has dropped significantly in price.

The main brand Chery has been present in the Russian Federation since 2005, the premium Exeed appeared in 2020, and Omoda, which became exclusive to our market, in 2022. Jetour and Jaecoo debuted last year. The latest brand, Exlantix, under which expensive electric cars are sold, appeared this year.

The rich assortment of Chery brands, in addition to Fownix, may be replenished with another one – Lucano, the logo of which the company also protected the other day. It is still unclear what cars it will be used for, but earlier spies noticed a Jaecoo J7 with this inscription on the fifth door.

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