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Just five years ago, the most expensive and respectable Chinese SUV in Russia was the unassuming Haval H9, a frame analogue of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. But now, with the advent of a number of models, the stakes have increased significantly, and the price tags for Li L9 against their background seem like a check from Tasty, period. Take, for example, the Dongfeng Mengshi M-Hero 917 or the BYD Yangwang U8. But these expensive big guys could very soon be eclipsed by a new player from the Middle Kingdom. Imagine, this is not just the most cross-country vehicle, but also the most expensive Chinese all-terrain vehicle: there is no exact price for the M-Hunter yet, but in Russia such a vehicle will definitely cost more than 20 million rubles.

And this is still a good offer: a similar Brabus 900 Crawler costs around a million dollars. But Brabus has 900 gasoline horses under the hood, and M-Hunter supposedly has four electric motors with a total power of 1,000 horsepower. In general, watch in the new video a detailed story about M-Hunter, and at the same time about the most expensive and passable version of the Dongfeng Mengshi M-Hero 917, which is already officially sold here. It’s called Dragon Armor. Is Range Rover, Brabus and Jeep worth worrying about? Judge for yourself (but it seems worth it)!

By the way, what is it like to drive an electric Dongfeng in minus 30 degrees in Russia? How the 1088-horsepower Mengshi M-Hero 917 electric car copes with winter, watch in this video. M-Hero M-Hunter is built on its basis, but the M-Hunter winter test promises to be much more interesting.

Not interested in Chinese off-road all-terrain vehicles? Look what the British managed to do with Chinese money in the new genre of sports crossovers. Here you can read our test of the electric Lotus Eletre S. Or is it just the name from Lotus? /m

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