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As journalists found out during market monitoring, many models can now be bought for several hundred thousand rubles cheaper due to traditional summer sales. Cars from many Chinese automakers produced last year, 2023, are available at a reduced price. Moreover, in some dealerships you can find models that are sold cheaper than the recommended retail price of the manufacturer itself. Among them is Moskvich 6.

In particular, you can buy a 2023 Moskvich 6 below the recommended retail price – it costs 36 thousand rubles cheaper than the RRP, and you can buy a liftback from one of the dealers for 2.1 million. It’s paradoxical, but just a month ago representatives of dealership centers said that there were very few cars left.

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The Livan X3 Pro crossover is sold for 89 thousand rubles cheaper than the RRP, and one of the dealerships offered to buy the “older” model for two million instead of 2.6 million rubles. Chery Arrizo 8 can be purchased with a discount of 60 thousand rubles, and for Changan Lamore the discount will be 90 thousand rubles. Kaiyi X3 Pro can be found almost 65 thousand rubles cheaper than the price on the official website, and Baic X55 in one of the salons in the west of the capital was found 50 thousand rubles cheaper.

In May, Russia noted a slight decrease in prices for Chinese cars. On average, popular models from the Middle Kingdom dropped in price by 5-9 percent.

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