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The number of Chinese brands and models in Russia is growing exponentially, so it is not surprising that brands from the Middle Kingdom are entering the top sales. However, there is a wave of new products ahead of us – from the Jetour X90 Pro to the improved Zeekr 001. All these models have recently been modernized in their homeland and will probably appear in Russia soon.

Chinese brands, taking advantage of the situation, are breaking sales records in Russia. Moreover, they sell well not only for models officially presented on the market, but also for “gray” imports. The rating of favorites among the Russian audience has already been formed, but due to the very short development and update cycle, sometimes it makes sense to wait a little and buy an improved model. Fortunately, in the Middle Kingdom there is plenty to choose from – the editors of chose Chinese cars that are popular in Russia, which have already been updated.

For example, Jetour X90 Plus was updated to the Pro modification, and this is the second restyling for the model. The “proshka” differs from the Plus version in the design of the front part of the body and two displays in the cabin instead of one.

The Li L9, popular in Russia, was also recently upgraded. Externally, the crossover has remained virtually unchanged, but it has acquired larger batteries and increased its electric range to 285 kilometers, and the total to 1,412 kilometers.

The Zeekr 001, which suddenly outsells any other electric car, has also improved noticeably. Now even the basic version looks like the “charged” 001 FR and boasts multimedia on the top Qualcomm 8295 chip.

Finally, the restyled Haval Jolion is already on sale. There are four configurations, the cost ranges from 1,999,000 to 2,799,000 rubles. On average, the crossover has risen in price by 30-50 thousand, depending on the version.

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