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The reason for such restrictions is the introduction of payment blocking. The president of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD) Alexey Podshchekoldin spoke about a new problem that could significantly affect the domestic automobile market. Such a development of the situation could lead to a significant increase in the price of models from the Celestial Empire.

ROAD has encountered problems with making payments for cars and components from China. Moreover, specialists have been unable to resolve the current situation with funds “hanging” for two months. At the same time, the association notes that specialists still cannot figure out the problem, since no one has encountered it before.

How much have spare parts become more expensive since the beginning of 2024? Russia may introduce marking of spare parts, but under one condition. Services may be allowed to repair cars with non-original spare parts.

Currently, four Chinese banks operate in Russia. At the same time, only one Russian bank operates in the Celestial Empire. When attempting to transfer money, the funds arrive in China, but their movement stops, as a result of which they do not arrive in the companies’ accounts. Podshchekoldin reported that the problem can be solved by developing new payment systems, as well as launching new branches of Russian banks in China.

At the end of June, Chinese companies [поставили])( cars worth 1.3 billion dollars to Russia. China supplies the largest number of vehicles to our country.

Chinese emergency aid: they helped restore the Russian auto industry

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