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Sales of the Titano model started in Brazil, and the new product was able to surprise. Firstly, under the FIAT brand they offered a whole line of pickup trucks with four-door cabs: from a utilitarian version with unpainted bumpers to rich configurations with a widescreen display. Secondly, they prepared a different filling for the Titano: the Chinese diesel engine was replaced by a more high-torque French one!

The FIAT Titano pickup truck debuted three months ago in Algeria. We are talking about a converted Peugeot Landtrek of the 2020 model, which itself was converted from the Chinese Kaicene F70 pickup truck from Changan. It is not surprising that in Africa they offered a version with Chinese units: a 1.9 turbodiesel and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Salon of the top version of FIAT Titano

In Brazil, the FIAT Titano has serious competitors, so Stellantis invested in improvements. Under the hood there is a 2.2-liter French turbodiesel, familiar from the Comtrans, and in addition to the manual gearbox there is a 6-speed automatic. There are more equipment options: there are rich configurations with leather interior, climate control, all-LED optics, all-round cameras and a lane control system.

By default, the Brazilian FIAT Titano is all-wheel drive with a reduction gear and a rear differential lock. The most utilitarian option costs 198 thousand reais (3.67 million rubles), for the top version you will have to pay 260 thousand reais (4.82 million rubles). In Russia, its own analogue of the model is sold – the more modern Changan Hunter Plus at a price of 3.43 million rubles.

Face down: off-road versions

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