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AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov expressed his opinion regarding the pricing policy of Chinese manufacturers. He assessed it as an aggressive expansion into the market of our country, which leads to the oppression of the domestic brand.

Sokolov noted that manufacturers from China are pushing through the recycling fee, which is paid for each of the imported cars, offering customers discounts that significantly exceed its amount. Thus, they end up in a focus group occupied by the responsible manufacturer, in particular its Lada Vesta model. Because of this situation, representatives from China have no incentive to localize production in our country. (photo: Lada)

Sokolov also said that this year the plant plans to assemble half a million cars. And now, every twenty-six seconds, one car leaves the company’s premises. According to the data from the first two months of the year, the manufacturer clearly adheres to the established plan, which has every chance of being implemented.

It was previously reported how the size of the recycling fee will change from March 31 in Belarus. The innovations were adopted for the first time in the last 3 years and may turn out to be quite significant for representatives of legal entities.

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