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The GAC-Toyota joint venture announced the start of accepting orders for four-door cars with a 2.5 engine. External differences boil down to decor, but the filling is different: Camry for China de facto received an adapted power plant from the North American version. Peak output increased by 33 horsepower (up to 230 horsepower), and AI-92 gasoline consumption increased by 0.05 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new Toyota Camry entered the Chinese market in January, but 2.0-liter sedans with or without a hybrid system have been available for five months. Now a 2.5-liter HEV version has been added to the range, although the fundamental design is the same: front-wheel drive, electromechanical CVT, combination of a gasoline unit and an electric motor.

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The output of the naturally aspirated engine is 185 forces and 221 Nm, the output of the electric motor is 136 forces and 208 Nm. Both units have become more powerful compared to the 2.0-liter hybrid, and the gasoline engine is also more torquey: peak torque is achieved at 3400 rpm (for the 2.0 HEV version – at 4400 rpm). Interestingly, fuel consumption is stated at 4.55 liters per 100 kilometers: an increase of 0.05 liters can be considered an error.

The hybrid Toyota Camry XV80 with a 2.5-liter engine is offered in three rich trim levels, prices vary from 220 to 260 thousand yuan ($30-36 thousand). The overpayment relative to the 2.0-liter HEV version is substantial, because such a sedan costs from 180 to 207 thousand yuan ($25-28.5 thousand). However, Chinese Toyota dealers are already ready to offer discounts of up to 25 thousand yuan ($3.5 thousand).

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