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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has developed new requirements for registering such cars upon change of owner. According to them, if a car imported for personal use is sold within a year, it cannot be registered again without paying a salvage fee at an increased rate (commercial). The draft amendments have already been supported by the government commission and will soon be considered by the State Duma, Izvestia writes.

Disposal tax at a preferential rate will be allowed to be paid if the car was owned by the importer-individual for at least 12 months. If the car is resold faster, you will have to pay the full rate.

In this case, claims for disposal fees can be brought against both the importer and the buyer of the car. That is, the responsibility to pay the fee will probably fall on the shoulders of the final owner of the car.

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The recycling fee is a one-time payment that is charged for each vehicle produced or imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. The preferential tariff ranges from 3,400 rubles for a car up to three years old to 5,200 rubles for a car over three years old; commercial, in turn, ranges from 300 thousand to 1.3 million.

The Federation Council previously proposed increasing the recycling collection every year so that by 2029 the minimum level would reach a million rubles. Previously, AvtoVAZ quoted the same amount.

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