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Living outside of large population centers usually poses serious challenges. The Living Vehicle CyberTrailer aims to solve almost all of them, although with one caveat: its price will likely eclipse even that of the Tesla Cybertruck.

This futuristic trailer will not only create its own water from thin air and generate power from the sun, but at the same time will offer a revolutionary design.

You may not have heard of Living Vehicle: they specialize in luxury motorhomes. The CyberTrailer, which starts at a whopping $175,000, is designed to serve exactly this type of customer and is compatible with both electric and internal combustion engines.

If you use the CyberTrailer in conjunction with an electric vehicle, the motorhome will be able to charge its tow vehicle if it has excess power. It is unlikely, of course, that there will be too many free kilowatts, since the main source of energy is solar panels.

And CyberTrailer, like other motorhomes from Living Vehicle, will be able to generate water from the air using a Watergen water generator. The system can produce several liters of fresh, clean drinking water every day.

Deliveries of the new motorhome will begin in 2025.

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