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Representatives of the largest dealer centers answered this question to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. For example, Avtodom predicts that cars will not become more expensive, since there are no prerequisites for this at the moment. On the contrary, AutoSpetsCenter notes a high demand for new cars, which is why prices may go up. Avilon, in turn, expects another indexation.

“Consumer demand remains under pressure from a high key rate and expensive car loans, and dealer warehouses are filled with new cars,” Avtodrom said. They believe that most of the models from Chinese brands will be offered at the same prices or even with discounts.

However, if there is high demand, car stocks will quickly be exhausted, so “a batch of cars imported into Russia in March-April will be sold by the beginning of July, which may provoke a rise in prices,” according to AutoSpetsCenter.

The rise in price will affect cars imported through parallel imports; their cost may increase by a third, market participants believe. The reason for this is restrictions on the import of such cars, which came into force on April 1, 2024.

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Avilon warns of a likely price indexation of 2-3 percent in the interval of one or two summer months. However, discounts will continue to apply. All current promotions, support and subsidized loans are valid for both the 2023 and 2024 models. “As for warehouse volumes, dealers now have more cars from last year than from 2024,” a representative of the dealer network told the newspaper. — Speaking in numbers, two-thirds of the cars are from last year, and only one-third of the warehouse today is represented by 2024 models. Therefore, attracting demand through discounts will not go away; their level will decrease.”

The price of cars will inevitably be affected by the key rate adjustment if it occurs in the summer. Taking into account this rate, the cost of the loan is formed, since this is the main tool for buying a new car.

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