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The AGR plant in St. Petersburg (formerly Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus) began shipping Hyundai Creta to car dealerships. Now the popular crossover is officially released under a different name – Solaris HC. However, cars arrive at dealers with nameplates sealed with film, under which the previous Hyundai emblems are hidden. There is no Creta inscription on the fifth door.

Dealer prices vary. Thus, one of the Moscow car dealerships offers Solaris HC with a 1.6-liter engine with 123 horsepower, a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive for 2,790,000 rubles. Another seller from St. Petersburg is already asking 2,805,000 rubles for the same performance.

An additional “winter” package will cost another 24 thousand, and fully diode headlights will cost 55 thousand.

HC with a two-liter engine with 149 horsepower and front-wheel drive is also available, but there are fewer of them. As Autopotok writes, such a model in the second most expensive Family configuration is sold for 3,691,000 rubles. All-wheel drive crossovers have not yet begun to be shipped at all.

The start of deliveries of cars from the ex-Hyundai plant was reported last week. The first to arrive in car dealerships was the Solaris HS, also known as the renamed Hyundai Solaris. Demand is high: one dealer sold out all the cars within 24 hours.

The above-mentioned HS and HC, as well as KRS (Kia Rio) and KRX (Kia Rio X) will be sold under the Solaris brand, invented to circumvent sanctions. Cars are assembled from vehicle kits remaining at the plant.

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