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At the end of February and the beginning of spring, many brands officially represented on the Russian market adjusted their price lists, as a result of which some models began to cost significantly less. So, JAC J7 fell in price by 600 thousand rubles, and “Muscovites” are even stronger. Rossiyskaya Gazeta interviewed several market participants and found out that the situation will change very soon.

According to one of the newspaper’s interlocutors, in most cases, companies are ready to offer big discounts and reduce prices for cars released in 2023. They are taking these steps in order to unload dealer warehouses, freeing them up for fresh cars assembled in 2024. “The overstocking of the market has become an incentive to reduce prices, but this trend will not last long,” says the top manager of the Fresh marketplace. “After inventory is liquidated, the cost of new cars will return to pre-promotional levels.” According to his forecasts, the cost of cars can soar by 20-30 percent, depending on the segment, brand and configuration.

AutoSpetsCenter believes that there are less than one hundred thousand Chinese cars from 2023 left in warehouses, and when dealers sell them, prices will stabilize. The decline will peak from late March to mid-April, and then prices will begin to rise by 2-3 percent per quarter, which is comparable to the expected inflation rate.

Avilon, in turn, believes that cars are becoming cheaper “only against the backdrop of one factor – the washing out of more expensive versions of brands and models supplied through parallel imports (primarily European, Korean and Japanese brands).” Currently, sellers have a month’s stock.

Already in the second quarter of this year, the size of the discounts, which can now reach 25 percent of the model price, will begin to decrease, since there are no prerequisites for continuing to sell cars with such discounts.

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