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The research group of the Avito Auto company analyzed the demand of Russians for different types of equipment over the past year. It turned out that in St. Petersburg the demand for motor vehicles increased by a noticeable 55 percent.

According to the company, the average cost of motorcycles for this period was 180 thousand rubles. At the same time, buyers most often chose products from Chinese manufacturers. The first two places went to brands KAYO and BSE with sales of 16 and 13 percent respectively. The top five also included the Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Progasi, which received six percent of the market share.

The data is based on an analysis of sales of new equipment. It is known that many motor vehicles have a more modest cost, and on the eve of the start of the season, demand begins to increase.

It was previously reported that car production for 2023 increased by twenty percent compared to the results of the previous year. It also became known how many cars and trucks, as well as buses, were produced, which account for only five percent of the total number.

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