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The sanctions remain in effect despite the fact that now the policy will not be required when registering a vehicle. This was reported by the head of the ONF working group “Protection of Motorists’ Rights” Petr Shkumatov. According to the expert, despite the fact that OSAGO will be excluded from the list of mandatory documents when registering a car from March 1, 2025, the authorities will monitor even more closely whether motorists have a policy.

The exclusion of OSAGO from the list of mandatory documents for vehicle registration does not mean that drivers should not have it when driving on public roads. Ten days are given from the moment of vehicle registration to obtain a compulsory insurance policy. During this period, motorists will not receive fines for driving without a document.

OSAGO has finally been excluded from the list of documents required for registration. OSAGO policies have become cheaper in Russia. The average payment under OSAGO in Russia has exceeded one hundred thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, the authorities are going to tighten control over the presence of OSAGO among drivers. They plan to identify violators with the help of road cameras, which will automatically recognize cars for which policies are not issued by the undimensional signs.

According to statistics, today in Russia 91 percent of motorists have compulsory motor insurance. At the same time, about four million drivers still drive without a compulsory insurance policy, creating problems for other road users in the event of accidents.

The day before, Russia proposed fining motorists for not having compulsory motor third-party liability insurance on a daily basis. Automatic road systems should identify violators.

Police sports cars have already left for us.

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