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Renting a car for a vacation can significantly improve your travel experience, providing mobility and comfort. The fact is that not everyone has a car suitable for out-of-town trips. Thus, the owner of a car sharing service in an interview with the portal told what needs to be done to ensure that renting a car is safe and without misunderstandings.

When choosing a rental car, you need to give priority to your travel plans and preferences:

Economy: Go for reliable sedans like the Renault Logan or Hyundai Solaris; Crossovers and SUVs: Consider all-wheel drive models like the Renault Duster II for off-road adventures and exploring natural landscapes; Luxury and specialty cars: Premium sedans like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class or more daring options like the BMW X5 M50d.

To avoid surprises, it’s important to make sure the rental terms are clear. Check for hidden fees, deposit requirements, and insurance deductibles in advance. Inspect the car thoroughly before signing the contract to note any damage. Research the car rental company’s reputation and customer reviews to assess the reliability of the service.

It’s worth choosing a car rental company with convenient pick-up locations that suit your travel itinerary. It’s important to check for extras like GPS navigation, child car seats, or home delivery options. It’s also worth asking about long-term rental discounts if you’re planning a longer vacation. Book your car early, especially if it’s a popular or limited-availability model. Read the rental agreement carefully to understand responsibilities, mileage restrictions, and contingency policies.

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