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Alexey Grigoriev, vice-president of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD), said this in an interview with Gazeta.Ru. According to the specialist, the new requirements will lead to the fact that many service stations will be forced to work according to “gray” schemes, avoiding the legal framework.

The tax increase will primarily affect official dealers and large service centers, which are responsible taxpayers. At the same time, the main blow will be felt by small firms with a turnover of more than 60 million rubles, operating under a simplified taxation system. Such companies will have to pay VAT, which will significantly affect the financial burden. As a result, some market players will choose the sales tax return or “five percent turnover” regime.

In Russia, delivery times for auto parts have increased, and that’s why Services want to allow car repairs with non-original spare parts. Owners of Chinese cars have flooded services due to constant breakdowns.

Grigoriev believes that the authorities need to identify illegally operating car services, as well as public “garages” and “gray” workshops. The cessation of the activities of such firms will lead to an increase in tax collection and will create a transparent competitive environment in the market.

In mid-March, Russia once again proposed abolishing the transport tax. Deputies stated that it would be possible to introduce changes to the legislation in 2025.

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