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### BAIC BJ40 Champion To the Russian market [вышла]( “champion” modification of the Chinese SUV.
BAIC In our country, 50 special copies will be sold, dedicated to the automaker’s triumph in the Taklamakan rally: in 2023, the company became a four-time champion of the competition.
BAIC External differences from the standard model include matte paint, red brake calipers and suspension springs, and black wheels.
BAIC A two-liter 218-horsepower gasoline engine is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The price of the car is 4.5 million rubles.
BAIC ### BMW M3 MT Final Edition For the Japanese market [выйдут]( 150 sedans in a special version dedicated to the manufacturer’s upcoming refusal of a manual transmission.
BMW Three colors are available – white, gray and black. In case of a rush, the right to purchase will be drawn in a lottery. The debut of the farewell performance on the local market coincided with the 35th anniversary of the Bavarian company’s first triumph in the DTM.
BMW The differences between the four-doors for Japan are bronze-colored wheels and red accents on the seats, reminiscent of the classic M3 DTM E30.
BMW The technical stuffing is standard: a three-liter six-cylinder engine develops 480 horsepower and 550 Nm, a six-speed manual transmission transmits traction to the rear wheels.
BMW ### Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Edition 1 Special version [окажется]( the rarest and most expensive version of the “four-door coupe” in the USA. The body is painted in a matte gray color scheme, complemented by black graphics and orange accents, and two sets of decorative parts are already included in the “base”.
Mercedes-Benz In addition, the car was equipped with 19-inch black wheels and red brake calipers. The interior has black seats with orange stitching.
Mercedes-Benz Orange emblems appeared on the headrests, and stitching of the same color appeared on the front panel. There are also red illuminated sill guards. The steering wheel is trimmed with leather and microfiber, with black aluminum decor.
Mercedes-Benz There are no technical innovations. A two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 421 horsepower is combined with an eight-speed “robot” and all-wheel drive. Only 25 pieces will be released.
Mercedes-Benz ### Ford Bronco Everglades In China at the Changan-Ford plant [начали собирать]( American SUV, including the off-road Everglades version.
Ford Only a long-wheelbase modification with a ground clearance of up to 273 millimeters, capable of fording a ford up to 850 or 925 millimeters deep (with a snorkel), is available on the local market. The approach and departure angles are 45 and 37 degrees, respectively.
Ford External differences from its US counterpart are limited only to the design of the radiator grille. There is only one power unit – a 2.3-liter turbo engine (275 horsepower, 429 Nm) paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission. Compared to the American version, the finishing materials will be improved.
Ford Removable doors and roof are retained. Options include 35-inch tires, lockable cross-axle differentials, anti-roll bars that can be switched off, adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers, and more.
Ford ### Alpina B3 50 Years of BMW South Africa Alpina [анонсировала]( there are only five commemorative sedans for South Africa.
Alpina The cars will receive a three-liter twin-turbo six (495 horsepower, 730 Nm), an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. They will be able to accelerate to one hundred in 3.6 seconds and reach 305 kilometers per hour.
Alpina The body is painted in Alpina Green II. Additionally, there are 20-inch forged wheels and decals. Inside there is a steering wheel upholstered in Lavalina leather.
Alpina The list of innovations also includes special shock absorbers with electronic control and original calibrations, retuned power steering, special springs, travel limiters, stabilizers and reinforced brake mechanisms.

Automakers often create limited versions of their cars not for all markets, but only for a select few. In some cases, original modifications are dedicated to one or another local occasion, while in others, unusual publications do not appear in different regions immediately, gradually expanding their habitat. In recent months, global automobile companies have created several new versions, which are not presented in every country. Our selection includes a Chinese SUV for Russia, an American all-terrain vehicle for China, as well as German sports cars for Japan, South Africa and the USA.

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