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Bloomberg analysts drew attention to a 50% increase in insurance prices for electric vehicles in 2023. According to British broker Howden Group, insuring an average electric car will cost 1,344 pounds sterling (152 thousand rubles), which is approximately twice the cost of a policy for a gasoline or diesel car.

Insurers say policy prices are based on the frequency of claims and the cost of spare parts. The Howden Group estimates claims payouts for electric vehicles are 35 percent higher than for a similar internal combustion engine vehicle. The repair itself takes longer due to a shortage of mechanics trained to repair electric cars.

Expensive insurance is one of the factors slowing the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. Other reasons include weak aftermarket demand for battery-powered models, rapid loss of market value, and slow development of charging infrastructure. Last year, for the first time in the UK, the share of electric vehicles in total new car sales stopped increasing.

In the TOP 30 British sales, the only model without an internal combustion engine is the Tesla Model Y in fifth place (35,899 units). Four “traditional” cars sold better: the Ford Puma (49,591), Nissan Qashqai (43,321), Vauxhall Corsa (40,816) and Kia Sportage (36,135). Also in the top ten bestsellers are the Hyundai Tucson, MINI Hatch, Nissan Juke, Audi A3 and Vauxhall Mokka.

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