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The portal analyzed the demand for “green” cars and drew disappointing conclusions. Due to restrictions on parallel imports, the share of electric cars in total sales fell from 1.78 to 1.1 percent from February 1, 2024. In relative terms, the second quarter closed with a minus of 25 percent of customers. From January to March, 5,889 new battery-powered cars were registered, from April to June – only 4,404.

The leader of the segment is the Chinese Zeekr: these electric cars remain in first place, despite rumors of a ban on deliveries. However, compared to the first quarter of 2024, demand has decreased by 45% to 1,567 units. The bestseller is the 001 liftback, which accounts for 56.6% of all Zeekrs sold.

Electric Skywell ET5 — official and with warranty The cost of owning an electric car Zeekr 001 in Russia has been calculated Evolute i-Sky — an electric car for beginners

Russian electric cars are not yet popular. The Moskvich 3e found 286 buyers, of which only 12 were individuals. Lipetsk’s Evolute sold 380 units in the same three months, with private individuals accounting for half of the sales.

Skywell brand managed to sell only 20 electric cars, losing to Mercedes-Benz (31), Hongqi (39), Lotus (55), Voyah (64), Ora (88), BMW (100), BYD (162), Avatr (190), Tesla (233) and Volkswagen (256). And Bestune NAT unexpectedly made it into the bestsellers with a result of 407 units!

So far, both official and “parallel” sales of “battery” cars are rare, so colleagues believe that Ora, Skywell, and even Moskvich may think about suspending their electric vehicle programs. The surge in sales of Bestune NAT is most likely a one-time event and is explained by the purchase of electric vehicles by one legal entity.

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