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The company claims that they were the first on the Russian market to switch to a domestically developed traction battery. In test mode, it was installed on the i-Joy crossover: it differs from the previous Chinese one in having an increased capacity, which, in turn, provides a greater power reserve. Batteries for Evolute electric cars are supplied by Autonomous Energy Systems (SAE), which has production sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is part of the Itelma group of companies.

According to the Evolute press service, the capacity of the imported battery is 60 kilowatt-hours, which is 10 kilowatt-hours more than the previous battery. As a result, the power reserve of the i-Joy crossover has increased by 20 percent, and now it travels 480 kilometers on a single charge in the WLTP cycle. The rated voltage of the traction battery exceeds 350 volts, and the maximum current in normal mode is 260 amperes per discharge and 200 amperes per charge.

“The tested battery uses many high-tech components of domestic development: from thermostatting systems to control units and telematics,” the company notes.

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SAE developed a domestic battery taking into account the road and climatic conditions of the country. It is resistant to precipitation, temperature changes, as well as road dust and other contaminants. During the tests, it was found that the battery functions in extreme frosts down to -40 degrees. A number of further tests are currently planned, including short circuit, combustion resistance, overcharge and overdischarge.

In the foreseeable future, domestic batteries will be installed on other Evolute models. In addition to the i-Joy crossover, the brand’s arsenal includes the i-Pro sedan, i-Sky, i-Jet and i-Space crossovers, as well as the i-Van minivan. All of them are converted Dongfeng cars and are produced at the Lipetsk Motorinvest plant.

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