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You can squint and peer for a long time: the Exeed TXL restyling is not visible, but it is there. As often happens, during updates the manufacturer usually changes only a couple of little things, like the stitching on the seats, the design of the rims or a couple of moldings. But in the case of the TXL, the company almost did not affect the appearance of the crossover, but completely redesigned the interior and improved the technical content. Let’s find out whether the model has become better after all the improvements in our test.

What is there to deal with, it looks the same!

Yes and no. In this restyling, Exeed followed the same, familiar pattern: if you put two cars side by side, you will notice that the design of the radiator grille has changed – the design of the dies has changed.

Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov

But everything else really remained the same. The same LED daytime elements, bumper, headlights, and so on. Even the design of the rear part of the body has not changed at all. Why “improve” a good thing – apparently, this is the path the developers took?

Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov Vyacheslav Krylov

It’s really not easy to distinguish the updated crossover from the “Dorest”. Another option, if the owner has chosen the top-end configuration, is the new design of 20-inch wheels. This is where the changes end, but what’s hidden inside the crossover is much more interesting!

And what’s so interesting inside?

Inside is a completely new interior that is almost exactly the same as the larger and more expensive RX crossover. The interior of the TXL has nothing in common with its predecessor: absolutely all the elements have changed, right down to the door handles, power window buttons and steering column switches. The seats are upholstered in Nappa leather, the armrests and upper parts of the door panels are trimmed with soft Alcantara-like material, in front of the driver there are two 12.3-inch screens in a single curved unit, and the steering wheel and center console have actually been moved here straight from the Air-X.

The front seats are heated, ventilated and massage
Vyacheslav Krylov In addition to heating, the rear seats of the top version are ventilated
Vyacheslav Krylov

The center console has exactly the same architecture as the older model and a climate control unit with three rotary washers, which has acquired an air aromatization system, and the tunnel houses a volumetric box with removable cup holders and additional compartments hidden by curtains.

The main change in the restyled Exeed TXL is a completely new interior
Vyacheslav Krylov

The gearbox selector is no longer here (it has moved under the steering wheel), all the buttons and knobs have disappeared, freeing up space for two slots for smartphones, one of which is equipped with wireless charging with cooling. The multimedia system has also changed: it is now built on an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processor, capable of performing up to 8 trillion operations per second, and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols.

There are no complaints about the new interface and the speed of its operation, but there are questions about the projection display, the readings on which can freeze at the most inopportune moment. And this can only be cured by restarting the engine.

You can display a navigation map on the dashboard in full screen
Vyacheslav Krylov The multimedia system is also new, from modern Exeed models
Vyacheslav Krylov The picture from the rear view cameras is excellent. The crossover is equipped with a built-in DVR
Vyacheslav Krylov

The new interior looks and feels really expensive. And there are no serious complaints about convenience: the steering wheel is adjustable for reach and tilt, and the new front seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage with several operating programs. Two speakers of the Lion Melody audio system (a total of 23 speakers scattered throughout the cabin), which is Exeed’s own brand, are built into the headrests of the driver’s seat.

The steering wheel of the updated crossover comes from the RX and VX models
Vyacheslav Krylov The steering wheel buttons look touch sensitive, but they are actually mechanical.
Vyacheslav Krylov The door panels are finished in pleasant materials. The seat adjustment buttons have also been moved here.
Vyacheslav Krylov The crossover is now equipped with a new Lion Melody audio system. In the top version it has 23 speakers
Vyacheslav Krylov Cartridges with “perfume” for the air aromatization system are located on the second floor of the central tunnel
Vyacheslav Krylov The climate control unit is completely borrowed from the RX. The drum in the center is responsible for selecting driving modes
Vyacheslav Krylov A spacious compartment with additional compartments is hidden under the curtain on the central tunnel.
Vyacheslav Krylov

Another interior feature is the fold-flat front passenger seat, which has also been carried over from older models and now has a retractable ottoman that supports the legs. And, of course, all this is complemented by a full range of electrical adjustments, pleasant lateral support and a generally successful profile of the seats themselves.

The second row will be spacious even for tall passengers
Vyacheslav Krylov The temperature cannot be changed from this unit – only the fan speed
Vyacheslav Krylov USB ports are hidden in a separate sliding section
Vyacheslav Krylov

Passengers in the second row are also unlikely to complain. They have their own climate control unit, but, however, it is “stripped down”: you cannot change the temperature from it, but you can adjust the intensity of the fan, as well as turn on seat heating and ventilation.

The backrests are adjustable, there is ample legroom, there are two separate USB ports of different formats, cup holders, and a panoramic roof overhead. In short, you can drive hundreds of kilometers here and not get tired.

Trunk volume is 461 liters. The walls are lined with pile and there are hooks for bags
Vyacheslav Krylov The floor cover can be secured in the raised position with a convenient hook
Vyacheslav Krylov On the left wall of the compartment there is a 12-volt outlet
Vyacheslav Krylov In the underground, in addition to the spare tire, there is also a small organizer
Vyacheslav Krylov

What about technology?

The Exeed TXL can still only be had with all-wheel drive, and it has the same engines, but they were not left without modifications. The base one is a 1.6-liter turbocharged unit, which received a different control program. As a result, power increased from 186 to 194 horsepower, but torque remained at the same level – 275 Nm. The gearbox has not changed – a Getrag robot with two wet clutches.

Vyacheslav Krylov

The top-end two-liter engine also produces 197 horsepower and 375 Nm of torque, but instead of a “preselective” one, it is now combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which Exeed produces independently. A crossover with this power plant, according to the official specifications, now accelerates to “hundreds” three tenths of a second faster than the pre-restyling version – in 8.7 seconds.

And how is it going?

My colleague Dmitry Laskov, in a test of the pre-restyling Exeed TXL, wrote that the robotic gearbox with a two-liter engine was sluggish, making the start lazy and abrupt, especially showing its peculiar character at low speeds.

Vyacheslav Krylov

Replacing the preselective with conventional hydromechanics significantly changed the character of the car. Now it’s hard to blame the crossover for laziness: delays when switching to kickdown are minimal, gears are switched quickly, and no sharpness or jolts are noticed. The transmission tries to behave as civilly as possible without straining the driver in everyday driving, which is very cool.

Vyacheslav Krylov

The engine power is still sufficient in any conditions: at high speeds the car is clear and stable, always leaving a reserve of traction for overtaking. The steering does not indulge in the “sports car” weight of the steering wheel and crystal clear feedback, but the responses to the steering wheel’s actions are quick and understandable.

Vyacheslav Krylov

In fast turns, the crossover is reliable, predictable and accurate, rolls minimally and even encourages you to take turns even faster. But adding a little effort to the steering wheel still wouldn’t hurt, especially in sport mode, which you don’t want to turn off at all, because in “comfort” the TXL becomes too relaxed.

Vyacheslav Krylov

There are also no serious complaints about the suspension settings. Exeed handles most of the average road surface defects smoothly, without rattling or excessive shaking. It is difficult to break through the crossover suspension, but large sharp joints still respond with unpleasant hard pokes. And even then, if you frankly go too far with the speed.

The cabin is quiet throughout almost the entire speed range. The tires and engine are well muffled, and aerodynamic noise is not annoying even at high speed.

Surely the price has gone up?

Unfortunately yes. And significantly: in some versions, almost a million! The number of Exeed TXL trim levels has increased from two to four, and if previously the “base” cost 3,490,000 rubles, now you will have to pay 3,850,000 rubles for it.

Vyacheslav Krylov

But the equipment is rich: the initial Business version with a 1.6 engine is offered with LED headlights, a panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, an audio system with 16 speakers, all-round viewing systems, blind spot monitoring, automatic switching of high beams to low beams, as well as heated seats in both rows, steering wheel, windshield and windshield washer nozzles.

The Prestige modification with wireless charging, ventilated front seats and a DVR will cost 4,000,000 rubles, and a crossover with a two-liter engine will cost 150,000 rubles more. The top version was valued at 4,500,000 rubles, while the pre-restyling car cost a maximum of 3,690,000 rubles.

Vyacheslav Krylov

At the same time, “at the top” the TXL has a 23-speaker audio system, an automatic parking system, air scenting for climate control, a head-up display, a massage function for the front seats, ventilated second-row seats, a front passenger seat with an ottoman and Nappa leather trim.

The update definitely benefited Exeed TXL. The new interior feels and looks really premium and expensive, replacing the “robot” with an automatic is an excellent decision that made the character of the car more pleasant. At the same time, the driving habits of the crossover are quite good, although for a full-fledged premium car they lack refinement and precision. But the course is set correctly. /m

The main thing is not to be afraid. Getting to know the near future of Exeed Video: updated Exeed VX The most expensive Exeed model Car Exeed TXL Like Chic interior, peppy engine, automatic Dislike Flickering electronics, high price Verdict Corrected “internal content” made the model more interesting Engine 1998 cm³, petrol L4, 195 hp, 375 Nm Transmission Automatic transmission-8 Figures 8, 7 s; 210 km/h Weight 1840 kg

Exeed TXL Detailed Specifications

Exeed TXL Engine type petrol L4 turbo Displacement, cm³ 1998 Max. power, hp 197 Max. torque, Nm/rpm 375/1750–3500 Drive type full Gearbox automatic 8-speed Front spring suspension, double wishbone Rear spring suspension, multi-link Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4780×1890×1730 Wheelbase, mm 2880 Ground clearance, mm 189 Curb weight, kg 1840 Trunk volume, l 461 Acceleration 0–100 km/h, s 8.7 Max. speed, km/h 210 Fuel consumption (combined), l/100 km 9.2 Fuel tank volume, l 55 Price, rub. from 3,850,000

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