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A corresponding ban is expected to appear in a new package of anti-Russian sanctions. The Financial Times reported on a possible ban on the export of luxury cars to the union state. Today, European automakers sell premium vehicles to Belarus without any problems. Moreover, over the past two years, the flow of cars from the EU has increased fivefold.

In January 2022, European countries exported $50 million worth of cars to Belarus. Two years later, traffic grew to $268 million. Moreover, the greatest demand is for expensive models that are prohibited from being supplied to Russia. Most premium vehicles are supplied to Belarus from Poland and Germany.

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European customs officials believe that with the help of Belarus, Russia is circumventing existing sanctions. According to the Financial Times, last year alone, 28 Maybach cars were brought to our country from the union state, the average cost of which is $217,000 (about 19.5 million rubles). At the same time, the export of expensive cars to Russia is prohibited from 2022.

In early April, Japanese authorities expanded the list of goods prohibited for delivery to Russia. The list includes motor oils, as well as batteries for electric cars.

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