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Recommendations were given by service specialists for buying and selling SberAuto cars. According to analysts, only professionals can assess the real situation with a specific specimen. The first thing experts advise you to pay attention to is the difference between the average cost of a model on the market and the car you are interested in. At the same time, there may be extremely cheap options for sale after accidents or expensive cars that have undergone tuning.

Experts advise looking at how much similar models with the same power plant, gearbox and body type cost. Next, you need to study the reviews of car owners who describe the “sores” of specific models and trim levels. The third factor to consider is the car’s history. Often, sellers are silent about the car’s past, preferring not to report accidents or irregular maintenance.

In addition, abnormal operating performance may indicate an inflated price. Such characteristics include very low or too high mileage, as well as the period of sale after purchase. For example, if a car is sold a year after purchase, the car should be thoroughly checked. In conclusion, experts advise reasoned bargaining. If the owner is not willing to negotiate a price reduction, this may raise questions.

At the end of January, experts said that a third of used cars in Russia have low mileage. In addition, experts named brands whose owners most often resort to deception.

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