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Over the past four months of 2024, China has supplied more than 237 thousand passenger cars to the Russian Federation. Their cost is about $3.5 billion, which is 27.5 percent more than the January-April 2023 figure. RIA Novosti reports this with reference to Chinese statistics. The volume of imports was 37 percent higher than during the same period last year, when 173.7 thousand “Chinese” arrived in Russia.

In February 2024, imports of Chinese cars into the Russian Federation fell from 54.1 thousand to 44.8 thousand, and returned to growth in March. In the first month of spring, the Chinese delivered 58.9 thousand cars, in the second month – 79.4 thousand. The April figure was the highest since November 2023.

Russia holds a 14.7 percent share of passenger car exports from China, maintaining the title of the most important foreign market. South American markets are next in the top three: Mexico takes second place with a 7.4 percent share, and Brazil takes third place with 6.6 percent.

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In 2023, $11.5 billion worth of Chinese cars arrived in Russia. Also from China they imported buses worth 328 million, trucks worth 3.1 billion and special vehicles worth 599 million.

Meanwhile, the Federation Council proposed making foreign cars more expensive every year by raising the recycling fee. This year they wanted to raise the rate to 550 thousand rubles, and by 2029 – to a million. The same amounts were voiced by AvtoVAZ, which noted that the “Chinese” were invading Lada’s market niches.

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