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Cooperation with the Russian auto giant can be called neither a success nor a failure, the head of the Russian office of FAW Bestune, Ma Guichao, told the portal. He noted that cooperation with local companies is “strategic things”, decisions on which in any case are made by the Chinese FAW office. He did not disclose why the project was canceled before the cars entered the market.

As part of cooperation with FAW, AvtoVAZ planned to produce the Lada X-Cross 5 crossover, also known as the FAW Bestune T77 with a rook on the radiator grille. They planned to produce the car using the large-unit method at the vacant Nissan plant in St. Petersburg.

However, something went wrong: only one batch of 170 cars was produced. They never went on sale for free. As the head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, said, the crossovers were sold to corporate clients, and he took a couple of copies for himself to drive around Tolyatti.

Xcite X-Cross 7 crossovers began to be shipped to car dealerships FAW plans in Russia: sales growth and five new models, including an electric car AvtoVAZ complained about the dominance of the “Chinese” in Lada’s market niches

It was reported that disagreements arose between the partners: AvtoVAZ was dissatisfied with the quality of the supplied vehicle kits, and FAW was not satisfied with the financial terms of the deal. In addition, the inclusion of AvtoVAZ in the US sanctions lists caused difficulties.

Instead of FAW, AvtoVAZ found another partner – Chery. The assembly line of the plant in St. Petersburg, which was formally transferred to the state, began assembling cars under the new Xcite brand. Her firstborn is the X-Cross 7 crossover, which is a 2020 Tiggo 7 Pro with different nameplates.

The cars are already arriving at Lada showrooms, and sales should begin on May 27. The cost, according to one of the dealers, will be 2.5 million rubles.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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