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The FAW representative office, during a meeting with journalists in Moscow, declassified plans for 2024 and 2025. The company expects to sell 10 thousand cars by the end of this year – for comparison, this is almost 45 percent more than the result of 2023, when Russians bought 6.9 thousand units. Sales will also be increased due to new products: the restyled B70 liftback will go on sale in the summer, and the new T90 crossover will be launched before the end of the year. And in 2025, FAW will bring three more models to Russia, including a fully electric one.

Let’s start with the T90, which is slightly larger in size than the Halav F7. This model, which is based on the FMA architecture, entered the Chinese market last summer and is offered there in two modifications. The first is with a combination of a 160-horsepower 1.5 engine and a dual-clutch robot, and the second is with a two-liter engine with 252 horsepower and a torque converter. The crossover has only front-wheel drive, a MacPherson-type front suspension, and a multi-link independent design at the rear. Prices in China start from 100 thousand yuan, which in rubles is 1.26 million.

The T99 is a full-size crossover and the flagship of the line, which has been sold in Russia in its current form since last year. This is also the most expensive FAW car in the current line, prices for which start at three million rubles. If you believe the company’s plans, the model will be updated in 2025, but there are no details about the upcoming restyling yet.

In addition to the updated T99, the launch of a new T77 and an electric car, the name of which has not yet been disclosed, are planned for 2025.

Now it’s official: the updated FAW Bestune B70 will reach Russia in the summer Instead of Smart: FAW has launched sales of the small hatchback Bestune Pony The Chinese brand Hongqi will have its own smartphone

Today FAW sells four models in Russia. The most popular of them is the Bestune B70 liftback, which sold 2,732 units in 2023 (40 percent of the brand’s total sales). The second best seller is the Bestune T77; it finished last year with 2,139 units, which is 248 percent more than in 2022. In third place is the Bestune T55 (1085 units), and the last place in the ranking is the Bestune T99 (943 units).

Well, a few general facts about FAW/Bestune. The FAW concern, under whose umbrella the premium brand Hongqi is gaining popularity in Russia, entered our market back in 2008. At first, the company sold only commercial vehicles and trucks, but since 2012, the line has included passenger cars. Moreover, initially the brand was called Besturn, but then it was renamed Bestune – from the English “best” (best) and “tune” (melody, harmony). The brand emblem symbolizes a “window to the world,” in other words, access to the international market.

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