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### Rezvani Arsenal Rezvani Motors [превратила]( Cadillac Escalade into a crazy SUV for at least 225 thousand dollars. The Military set includes bulletproof glass and composite armor, which turned out to be the most advanced for modern civilian models.
Rezvani Motors It weighs much less than steel, but is comparable to it in parameters. B6 standard protection will save you from AK-47 and AR-15 rifle fire. The original ventilated seats, 23-speaker acoustics and panoramic roof are preserved.
Rezvani Motors A steel bumper with an optional winch, upgraded suspension, night vision, shockers, “blinding lights”, gas masks, a hypothermia assistance package, etc. appeared. The electrical part is protected from power surges and electromagnetic pulses by the EMP function.
Rezvani Motors The car is available with stock engines. The initial unit is a V8 6.2 with an output of 426 horsepower and 623 Nm. For an additional fee, a 3.0-liter turbodiesel (281 horsepower, 623 Nm) and a V8 6.2 with a compressor, producing approximately 700 horsepower, are offered.
Rezvani Motors ### SVI Volkswagen Golf GTI South African firm SVI Engineering [бронировала]( “hot” hatchback. It acquired 3.5 mm thick steel inserts and lightweight ballistic glazing: only the driver’s window can be lowered and only halfway.
SVI Engineering The doors, pillars, roof and special rear bulkhead are reinforced using particularly high-quality steel. Armor under the front fenders protects the engine, and the battery is equipped with its own protection. The B4+ standard armor is claimed to protect against pistol and rifle fire up to 7.62 x 39 mm.
SVI Engineering The glass will withstand four shots from an AK-47 in a 30-centimeter square. The new parts made the five-door 340 kilograms heavier, which worsened the dynamic performance, and the suspension had to be modified to accommodate the increased weight.
SVI Engineering If the buyer is not satisfied with this, the company is ready to modify the Golf R, since the components are suitable for it. The work will take three months and cost 35 thousand dollars.
SVI Engineering ### Inkas Armored Brabus 800 The Canadian company, whose portfolio already includes many similar projects, [бронировала]( a powerful SUV. And this is not an ordinary Mercedes-AMG G 63 of the second generation, but a variant from Brabus. From the outside, the car does not differ from the donor, since its protection is a capsule built inside. Like other creations of the Canadians, the new product has acquired the maximum possible armor for civilian use of the BR6+ standard.
Inkas Armored It will protect people from the explosion of a pair of DM51 grenades or shots from a 7.62×63 mm weapon. Passengers are protected by armored glass, anti-fragment door trims and a partition behind the rear row separating the passenger area from the trunk. There are now tires with polycarbonate inserts, a bulletproof gas tank and fire extinguishing.
Inkas Armored The engine compartment, exhaust and radiator are also protected. The package is also supplemented with all-round cameras, night vision, intercom, siren, strobe lights, power bumpers, door closers, air filtration and so on. The stock four-liter turbocharged petrol V8 (800 horsepower and 1000 Nm), advanced body kit and luxurious interior are retained.
Inkas Armored ### Atlas APC Pickup Ford F-550 Super Duty [превратился]( into an armored car for ordinary roads: it was created by Goat Tactical Vehicles USA. The car can be used in 50 American states. The dimensions are approximately 6.3 x 2.5 x 2.8 meters, the clearance is 34 centimeters, the ford depth is up to 80 centimeters. The mass of the car reaches 7.8 tons.
Goat Tactical Vehicles USA There are small bulletproof windows, external storage compartments, a spare tire on the roof, nine gun ports and an optional rotating turret with the ability to accommodate a machine gun. The initial modification received light armor B6, but for an additional fee, the level of protection is offered to be increased to B7.
Goat Tactical Vehicles USA Also available are shielded electrical equipment, bulletproof tires, reinforced door locks, optimized engine compartment protection, radio communication, siren, etc. The front part of the interior is borrowed from the original, and the rear can be made in different versions – as a cargo compartment with folding benches along the sides or a cabin with individual seats.
Goat Tactical Vehicles USA There are no technical innovations: the 6.7-liter V8 diesel produces 330 horsepower and 1017 Nm, combined with a ten-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. Mileage with a full gas tank is up to 645 kilometers. The minimum price is 395 thousand dollars, production takes two to three months.
Goat Tactical Vehicles USA ### DS 7 Vauban Armored crossover like the French president [стал]( small-scale. The “civilian” modification differs from the car with the Elysee prefix for Emmanuel Macron by its standard body, and not stretched by 20 centimeters.
D.S. The new product is protected to VPAM 4 (B3/B4) level and can only withstand shots from a revolver or a Magnum .44 caliber pistol.
D.S. The donor was a plug-in hybrid DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 with a four-cylinder 1.6 turbo engine: maximum output is 300 horsepower and 520 Nm, all-wheel drive is achieved using a rear electric motor.
D.S. The package can be supplemented with fire extinguishing, special signals and flagpoles in the front wings, and there are also extensive personalization options.

Armored vehicles are built by many companies around the world, and the main clients are wealthy people who want to protect themselves and their loved ones. In such cases, expensive and luxurious crossovers, SUVs or sedans become the basis for such projects. However, sometimes manufacturers create armored vehicles based on not the most obvious sources: this usually happens in countries that cannot boast a high level of security. Our selection presents recent protected novelties. Among them are not only brutal all-terrain vehicles or a “presidential” SUV, but even a compact hot hatch.

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