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The Ferrari 296 GTB became the first road supercar of the Italian brand with a V6 engine, since previously a similar power unit was installed only on formula cars, sports prototypes and cars under the Dino brand. The model is one of the most popular in the brand’s range, so there are many offers for the sale of sports cars on the secondary market, including models with unusual designs. Including a coupe a la McDonald’s, put up for sale in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

This Ferrari would be ideal for an employee of the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain due to its unusual design. The car is painted in scarlet Rosso Corsa color, which is complemented by yellow Giallo elements – in fact, the coupe is made in McDonald’s corporate colors. The car also has carbon fiber decor, the Assetto Fiorano package, and in addition – carbon fiber wheels.

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The interior is much less aggressive than the exterior. Most of the interior is upholstered in black leather and black Alcantara and trimmed in high-gloss carbon fiber. The sports car is equipped with red racing seat belts and carbon fiber bucket seats.

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The mileage of the 296 GTB is only 81 kilometers, so buying such a car can be considered a good option if you are happy with the color scheme. Technically, the Ferrari 296 GTB on sale is identical to other examples of this model. The rear-wheel drive coupe has an 830-horsepower power plant with a 663-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine and a 167-horsepower MGU-K formula electric motor between the internal combustion engine and an 8-speed robotic gearbox.

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