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The photo showed a partially disassembled new Ferrari Purosangue crossover

A new Ferrari Purosangue 2024 appeared in one of the detailing centers, where it was almost completely disassembled. These are the images of the crossover that were presented on the Telegram channel. I must say that the quality of the Italian car, which is assembled by hand, was seriously surprising.

If we take the visual data of the Ferrari Purosangue, then it looks stylish and unusual. Its design is made in the style of the 1980s with pronounced modern notes. As for the latest images showing its interior, there are many questions about the build quality. A lightweight tubular frame is used for the hanging panels, which is generally standard for the company. This is the solution used for most cars. If we talk about the suspension fasteners, two bolts were used here, and the wiring was completely protected with simple electrical tape (photo: Ferrari;

Despite this, Ferrari Purosangue, like other models of the brand, are in high demand. In particular, demand seriously exceeds supply. If we talk about the price, then in Russia they ask for more than 100 million rubles. Under the hood of the crossover there is a 6.5-liter engine with 725 horsepower. It is built on air suspension.

At the same time, the Volkswagen Golf R underwent serious testing in Austria. His photos have already appeared on the Internet.

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