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In 2024, the Italian automaker Fiat celebrates its 125th anniversary and the company decided to immortalize the landmark anniversary with the premiere of the Grande Panda – the first model from a new family that pays tribute to the iconic Fiat Panda, introduced in 1980. The new Fiat Grande Panda is the first model in a global range based on a new platform that allows for hybrid and all-electric powertrains. The hatchback will be offered to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Designed in Italy at the Centro Stile in Turin, the Fiat Grande Panda stands out among other B-segment cars for its compactness – just 3.99 meters long (lower than the segment average of 4.06 metres), as well as its uncluttered lines and well-organized space.

Fiat promised to show a new mysterious model: first image

The new model seats five people and is ideal for modern urban use. The car received pixel optics designed to symbolize the windows on the facades of the Lingotto plant, the classic brand logos were replaced with Fiat inscriptions, and three-dimensional Panda logos were scattered throughout the body.

Fiat Fiat

The new product will have 17-inch alloy wheels of a special design. The interior of the Fiat Grande Panda, as well as the technical characteristics of the new model, have not been disclosed. It is expected that detailed information about the promising model will be revealed gradually until the end of 2024, and the car will enter the market in 2025.

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