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Сarscoops publishes a photo of the wheel of an as-yet unnamed new Fiat model, the premiere of which will take place on July 11 – the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Italian brand is planned for this day. Journalists speculate that we are talking about a completely new electric Panda, the conceptual harbinger of which Fiat demonstrated earlier this year.

The photograph shows a car wheel with a disc of an unusual design – the kind usually found on electric cars. If Carscoops’ assumptions turn out to be correct, and Fiat shows the new Panda, then it will be a close relative of the Citroen e-C3 electric cross-hatchback. It is built on the Smart Car platform, which in turn is a simplified version of the French CMP (Common Modular Platform) platform.

Fiat City-car concept

The design of the future Panda will be inspired by two concerts at once: the 2019 Fiat Centoventi and the recent Fiat City-car, which was shown in February 2024. They share a common philosophy: “functionality should never exist without pleasure.” It is expected that the Panda will not only change its powertrain to an electric one (while gasoline versions will continue to be produced in Italy for some time), but will also be more environmentally friendly in terms of the materials used in the cabin.

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Today, the Fiat Panda remains one of the most affordable new cars in Europe. For example, in Germany, a model can be bought for about 15 thousand euros (1.4 million rubles at today’s exchange rate). Previously, the company promised that the Panda in its current form would remain on the production line until 2026, that is, immediately before Fiat switches to producing electric cars, planned for 2027.

The current generation model is produced in Pomigliano, Italy. As for the completely new electric Panda EV, its assembly will be organized at the facilities of the Serbian plant in Kragujevac, repurposed for the assembly of “green” cars.

Small cars in extreme tuning

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