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The rating was compiled by Maxim Davidenko, Head of the Product and Service Development Department at Alfa Leasing Group. According to the expert, the listed cars are most often overlooked by buyers who choose used crossovers. At the same time, these cars can be a good buy due to their lower prices with similar characteristics and reliability.

The list of the auto expert is opened by Toyota Venza, equipped with a 2.7-liter engine and a reliable automatic transmission. The crossover wagon is slightly longer than the Prado 150, and is comparable in price to the RAV4. At the same time, Venza will be a more reliable option thanks to its proven transmission.

In second place is the Renault Koleos, which has been produced since 2017. In fact, the model is a Nissan X-Trail in a different body. The French crossover has the same reliable naturally aspirated engines and gearbox. At the same time, the Koleos is cheaper than the X-Trail, and compared to the Mitsubishi Outlander, it has greater ground clearance and a roomy trunk.

Renault Honda Mitsubishi Jeep

The Honda Crosstour crossover fastback, whose dimensions exceed those of the Land Cruiser 200, rounded out the top three. At the same time, the model costs half as much as the iconic Toyota SUV, and in terms of options, it is not inferior to most mass-produced models of the same class.

In addition, the expert’s top five included the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and Jeep Renegade. Both crossovers are often cheaper than their popular competitors, and are also equipped with reliable units and a large set of options that are not available in mass-produced models.

The most popular used cars in Russia worth up to a million rubles were announced the day before. Russian and South Korean brands were at the top.

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