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The Moscow Metro became the owner of the 18-ton armored car “Akhmat”. Photos of this armored vehicle with unique color schemes were published on the Telegram channel “Buses and in general.”

Two cars appeared in the metro fleet: Z-STS (unofficial name “Akhmat”), built on the basis of the KamAZ-5350, and “Buran”, created on the basis of the GAZ-3308 “Sadko”. Judging by the markings on the sides, both armored cars belong to private security forces and ensure the security of the metro.

Information that the divisions of the State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Metro” were strengthening appeared for the first time a month and a half ago: “Buran” was registered precisely to this organization. And recently, colleagues photographed another serious armored car – 3-STS – in the same parking lot in the center of the capital.

“Akhmat” is almost twice as heavy as the RIDA product (gross weight 18 tons versus 10), and, in addition, this six-wheeled truck does not try to look “civilian”: 3-STS was developed by Remdizel for the needs of the Russian Guard and the army. The armored car is capable of withstanding an explosion with a power of up to six kilograms of TNT. It is possible to install automatic weapons.

Why the Moscow metro needs heavy armored vehicles is still not clear. There is no information about large purchases of Burans in open sources, but Akhmatys have already become widespread: in 2022 alone, the Central Military District received more than 150 of these special vehicles.

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