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The Blue Oval has found an unexpected use for flood-damaged cars. The Detroit Free Press has learned that since September, more than 300 decommissioned Fords have not been destroyed but have been given to workshops to train schoolchildren and students. Dealers were involved in preparing the “flooded” cars: the prototypes were dried and cleaned before being handed over to schools.

A Ford coordinator confirmed that a large batch of Mustangs had sunk in a storm in New Hampshire. The decision was made to preserve the cars as training tools for future mechanics. Schools were also given damaged and stolen cars, with paperwork arranged to ensure that such Fords would never return to the road.

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Not all workshops will receive a Ford Mustang: some will get an F-150, Explorer, Transit, Escape or Super Duty. However, instructors of auto mechanic courses are happy with any teaching aids: it is very difficult to get a car, the lists are so long that you can wait forever. There is nothing better than a prototype to attract young people. In addition to Ford, GM and Stellantis are promoting similar programs, but there are still not enough cars for students.

Ford specifically emphasizes that damaged vehicles are given to schools as scrap metal. However, this does not always mean that prototypes are not capable of moving under their own power: the main problem is not in the technical condition, but in the legal status.

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