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Remember the Ford Mondeo? It has long left the European market, but on the Chinese market the model exists and is even developing – for example, the new Ford Mondeo Sport was recently introduced.

This is a slightly updated version of the 5-door Ford Evos crossover, which has been produced since 2021 by the Changan Ford joint venture and is derived from the local Ford Mondeo sedan. The name change made it possible to combine two models into one family, which is quite logical. And a new yellow color has appeared in the Ford Mondeo Sport palette – like the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric car.

There are no other external changes in the design of the Ford Mondeo Sport: it is still the same 4.92-meter crossover, somewhat reminiscent of a hatchback. The ground clearance is a fairly good 168 mm, but the drive is only to the front wheels, and the gearbox is a CVT variator.

However, aside from the name and the addition of color, an important change took place under the hood. Now the Ford Mondeo Sport is equipped with a hybrid power unit, which contains a 2-liter turbo engine and an electric motor. Total power reaches 309 hp, which is much more than the previous Ford Evos at 235 hp.

The cost of the new product on the Chinese market will start at $29,000 (2.6 million rubles), sales will start soon. But it seems that with such dimensions, power, and price, the new Ford Mondeo Sport would not be out of place in other markets.

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